Meditation on the Imitation of Christ, A Vedantic Interpretation, Offers a unique opportunity to study and understand this classic Christian book (The Imitation of Christ) in the light of the Neo-Vedantic philosophy of the East; enriching and completing the spiritual quest, making it appealing and practical for any spiritual seeker regardless of his or her religion.

A commentary on Kempi’s masterpiece, bringing a unifying insight of global value, is something that was never done before by any author. This is a book that enhances all religious traditions and testifies to the perennial and universal values of Love and Truth, while providing practical methods for the manifestation of our spiritual dimension.

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Since the beginning of mankind there has been one quest that has continually employed the mind and heart of humanity: knowing who we are. The One Infinite Being brings a satisfying answer to that search from the very lips of true knower of the Self.

Swami Vivekananda is not only a renown and globally acclaimed master of the internal Truth, he is a master of modern times and therefore capable of transmitting his experiences in a language that echoes our own. His teachings provide an unencumbered path to the inner realm, bringing the light of clear and direct perception to our mind.

I have selected for this book a variety of his sayings with the intention to cover all the aspects of life, from which and through which we can apply Vivekananda’s wisdom to our greatest spiritual and intellectual profit.


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